Our Story

Farming Runs in the Blood
Buffalo Bloom is a craft, family farm owned by two cousins, Zelda and Jeff. We lean on the skills developed during our lives to grow a premium hemp plant that produces a top-quality experience for customers.

Buffalo Bloom originated from a deep family history of farming in southern Virginia. Our grandparents grew tobacco as a cash crop and grew vegetables to feed their 17 children. The farm was self-sufficient, as everyone chipped in on various chores in support of the land.

Once grown, some of those kids started their farms. Zelda was raised on one of those farms, tying and hanging tobacco. This upbringing sparked her love for growing organic plants and cooking with fresh produce. She attended Virginia State University and the Baltimore Culinary Institute. Then, she enjoyed a career as a top chef for Washington’s elite and a cartographer for the federal government. As a chef, she learned the importance of customer service and providing a quality product. As a cartographer, she acquired a keen sense of attention to detail. Zelda enjoyed these careers, but she always wanted to return to her roots and resume life as a farmer. After learning about the many benefits of the hemp plant, Zelda retired and founded Buffalo Bloom.

Jeff grew up in the Washington, DC area and attended Howard University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. After college, he worked in manufacturing plants for General Electric, obtained an MBA from the Wharton School, and held several positions in finance. Jeff learned problem-solving from his engineering education. At General Electric, he learned the continuous pursuit of quality improvement and efficiency in production. At Wharton, he gained strategic business skills.

It’s easy to see the connection between Zelda and farming hemp because she is returning to her roots. She grew up farming as a child. She also brought joy to people through her culinary skills, and hemp provides that same effect for people throughout the world. With Jeff, it is not as apparent. For years, Jeff’s cholesterol, sugar, PSA, and blood pressure were increasing. He switched to plant-based eating and increased the frequency of his exercise. Yet, tension and rest were still an issue, so he added an evening cup of hemp tea. The cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp were calming and relaxing. Similar to Jeff, many people are also enjoying the multitude of uses for the hemp plant.

Our customers buy from us because they know that we will focus on every detail during the cultivation process. Each step of our education and careers cemented this endless pursuit of quality. Hence, we hope our customers will appreciate our hemp for its refreshing aroma and wellness benefits!